Eden Moody

(Music Artist - Vocals, Guitar)

While many people allow fear to hold them back from making drastic career changes mid-life, singer-songwriter Eden Moody is doing just the opposite.

Born in Argentina, raised in Brazil, and now living in the United States, Eden's international appeal is allowing her to share her experiences and life-lessons in a style that is best described as “gypsy country”. Taking what some would call country alternative and infusing it with elements of samba and jazz—ranging from Brazilian flare and rhythm to Spanish ballad—has generated a great deal of buzz leading to her playing VIP pre-show events for some of the biggest names in music.

Born in Argentina during a period of political strife, Eden's parents relocated to Brazil when Eden was only six-months-old. “My childhood is filled with memories of traveling,” Eden remembers. “My parents were a special breed of mobile, non-church-going missionaries. The modern day minimalist-traveling-bohemian-gypsy-nomad has got nothing on them! I remember living in a green converted VW van, and in a trailer and in campgrounds for a good part of my childhood because my dad was the promoter for a Christian music program so we traveled from city to city visiting radio stations.”

With several members of Eden's family being musicians, it was no surprise when she began expressing an interest in music. Eden's mother gave her very basic guitar lessons from which Eden later taught herself to play the chords to many of her favorite songs. Because of the family's religious beliefs, Eden had yet to be exposed to mainstream music through radio or even movies.

“We were only allowed to watch certain 'approved' movies like The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Jesus of Nazareth, The King and I, The Sound of Music...and some historical films like Gandhi.” says Eden. “But I distinctly remember sneaking a musical once with Dolly Parton and I absolutely loved her.”

Fast forward several years and Eden now had two children of her own and was starting a new life in the aftermath of a separation and her decision to lead a secular lifestyle. With no formal qualifications, she turned to music as a means to help support herself and her children. She teamed up with two friends that had similar backgrounds and began singing and performing for tips in restaurants and other areas throughout São Paulo, Brazil.

“Our guitar player only owned an electric guitar so we borrowed a home-made banjo-looking one from a friend that we nicknamed ‘pizza’,” Eden laughs about now. “We learned and sang popular songs in English that people wanted to hear, and two of us were foreigners so we really stood out. Most of the time we performed without amplification so it forced us to perfect our vocal harmonies in a way that was both loud and projected but that also blended well and kept people engaged.”

It didn't take long before the hard work began paying off. Eden was later invited to perform on Brazilian radio and television. She was also asked to play a major stage at the Festa do Peao de Boiadeiro in Barretos, which is known as the largest country festival in South America.

In 2006, Eden relocated to the state of Washington in the United States of America. She was the first graduate of her community college's newly-created music program, and went on to be a middle and high school music educator. She spent eight years assisting with the nationally acclaimed Wenatchee School District's Mariachi Music Program. “That was an incredibly rewarding experience working with youth” she recalls, “but in the end, my music offered me the biggest opportunity for growth and inspiring by example, so I ran with it.”

More and more opportunities were presenting themselves to Eden, including invitations to perform at VIP pre-show parties for superstars Bruno Mars and Aerosmith at the popular Gorge Amphitheatre.

“I remember arriving for those shows, loading the golf cart with my gear, and riding past the tour buses before flying by Bruno Mars doing sound check with his band,” Eden described. “It was the same experience with Aerosmith prior to their show, which was the very next weekend.”

Having independently released two albums—the first, a self titled EP, the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign; and the second, This Is Me, recorded on Music Row in Nashville—Eden describes herself as a “musicpreneur”. “The way the internet and social media have taken over the world, it’s an exciting time to be an independent artist. No longer do I need to worry about getting signed to a label in order to be ‘discovered’ or to have a successful music career. Every day I am being discovered by new fans all over the world who love what I have to offer!”

With her second release in full-swing, Eden is now setting her sites on scheduling a house concert tour throughout the United States and Brazil. The intimate settings will allow Eden to better connect with her fans on a more personal level than she has been currently performing at wineries and festivals in the state of Washington.

Meanwhile Eden enjoys interacting in English, Portuguese, and Spanish with her thousands of followers on social media, and welcomes every opportunity that presents itself for her to raise awareness toward global issues. “Child soldiering is a Global issue that I am passionate about.” Says Eden. “I've chosen to advocate for an organization called Project AK-47 which helps kids in third world countries who have been forced into becoming child soldiers,” she explains. “and fans who agree to sponsor a child via a special page set up by the non-profit and myself will receive privileged recognition along with an exclusive Honorary Bundle that they cannot purchase or get any other way. I’ve made it pretty special.”