3 Days of Gypsy Country



So first things first... 

HERE'S YOUR FIRST FREE DOWNLOADEnjoy! (Any issues, let me know!)

I always get so many wonderful remarks at my shows and messages from fans all over the world saying how excited they are to find my music because it inspires them to explore their inner gypsy. Love that!

I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “I LOVE your music and I’m not even a country music fan” or “you converted me to country”.

So right off the bat, let me tell you: I'm still unsure exactly where on the musical spectrum MY music falls but what I CAN tell you is:

👉 I don’t think tractors are sexy (but cowboys, heck yeah)

👉 I don’t got twang even though I’m from the South 🌎 (of the equator hehe)

👉 I’ve been called a “hippie” (even though I eat meat, bathe, don’t do drugs & don’t believe in free se..I mean “love”)


👉 I LOVE cowboy boots.

SO. I’ll let YOU decide for yourself what box you want to put me in after you listen to some of my songs. Sound good? I personally don’t really care as long as you love it enough to own it and share it with all your friends. 😁

That said, let me tell you a little about me and your first free song:

When I moved to the U.S. from Brazil where I grew up (more on that later, along with the “gypsy” thing), never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine one day I'd be a solo artist performing my own music, much less releasing my own ALBUMS. At the time, I hadn’t even written a song!

I’d given up a life I was pretty happy with--the only life I knew, in Brazil--to follow someone ELSE’s Nashville dream. Funny how blinded we can be sometimes when we lack vision of our own, eh?

As fate would have it, sooner than later I found myself in nowhere-land (musically), two school-aged kids, no job, no boy or band, somewhere in small town U.S.A.


Feeling like that picture there, I decided it was proooobably a good time to suck it up and forget about the whole music thing. After all, nobody starts a music career in their 30’s, right? I got a degree then got a “real” job…

Buuuut of course that wee little flame in my heart wouldn’t go out. 🔥

After dabbling in music for a good part of five years—playing open mics, backyard bonfire parties, basement parties, garage jams, performing at community events, singing National Anthems, taking a performance hiatus, making lots of friends at karaoke, joining a cover band, quitting a party band... all the while trying to decide what "SENSIBLE" thing I wanted to do when I grow up, it dawned on me: STOP trying to be "sensible".

"Sensible" as defined by society at large is overrated.

The only thing that TRULY makes sense is to fearlessly give the talents you've been given a chance to achieve their fullest potential. And I wasn't doing that. I was waiting for...

Really! What the heck was I waiting for?! Truth is, I was scared of "flying solo".

Welp, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone", right?

So...in 2013 I put myself out on a limb and chopped it off. I launched a crowdfunding campaign TOTALLY ready to crash and burn. (At least I’d go down trying..)

But guess what?!! I DIDN’T! 96 PEOPLE (like you!) caught me mid air and convinced me through their incredible generosity and support that the songs I'd created were worth being HEARD. And not just heard, but professionally recorded with the best musicians in Nashville!

☝️THE STRANGER IN ME - my first gift to you - being one of them.

And that's how my first EP came about. You can find it below. 


~ Eden :)

PS: Just enter "$5.99" or more at check out and it's yours. 😉