3 Days of Gypsy Country





So first of all I gotta say: I never really liked country music. As a matter of fact, I disliked it very much. To me, it was all twang and sob stories. Pretty annoying. Similar to Brazilian country music--called “sertanejo”--which is HUGE in Brazil...as are soap operas...which I also considered--as they say in Brazil--"brega" (aka: tacky).

Eventually I gave in though and started a country group. We named our trio COWPIE... (shhh...don’t tell the Brazilians what that means)

We started out busking for the Sao Paulo nightlife with our versions of John Denver, Eagles and other classics. People loved us!

("Cowpie is very good..." they'd say 🤣)

Every week we’d add new music to our repertoire from the songs people would suggest, which happened to be… yep, you guessed: country.

Thankfully though, THAT is how I discovered Shania Twain...the Dixiechicks...the Rednex... and my country world was never the same.

It was no longer just twang and tractors, it felt vibrant, full of energy and life. THAT country music inspired me to be a more fun, sassy, and extroverted version of myself..."the stranger in me" 😜... 

And what happens when somebody makes you feel good?

..ya fawl in luuuv 💓

Yeeep, I remember the exact moment too...

I was onstage performing at the largest cowboy festival in South America. During the show, I looked out over the audience and it dawned on me: even though most of the people there couldn't understand a word of what I was singing about (in English), that didn't matter!

It wasn't just the music that mattered so much as it was the VIBE! ... Accompanied by boot-stomping hip-shaking moves to ALL of the songs - Brazilian AND American country alike!

It blew my mind how even though the languages differed, the themes and stories in the songs connected two very different cultures over a shared love for boots.

I was smitten 😍.

Seriously tho, I had no idea country could be that much FUN!

I realized that country music was more than just a choice of instruments. It was a culture. A culture of being real. A culture of sharing - the highs and the lows and all those little moments in between. A culture of celebrating the simple joys of life.

So what does that have to do with your second free song?

Welp, it’s THE. FIRST. SONG. I. EVER. RECORDED!! - in Brazil, in a studio! 🤘

☝️ Your second free download... 

Actually it was recorded in a friend’s home studio on the 23rd floor of an old apartment building overlooking Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo where a LOT of TV & radio stations are located.. (so if you tune in to the song, you might even be able to hear some Portuguese radio in the background 😂)

Either way! our version of JAMBALAYA got us on Brazilian radio & TV, and landed us Brazil’s largest cowboy festival - the Festa do Peao do Boiadeiro in Barretos - perhaps one of the biggest on the planet (ask Garth Brooks…)

There. Now you own a song that even 99.9% of my current FOLLOWERS (as opposed to FANS like YOU who take the TIME) have no idea exists. Don’t you feel special?

You should. 😎


Eden :)

PS: Don't forget to check your inbox for Day 3 tomorrow! (Hint: the "PS" at the end is my favorite part...)