3 Days of Gypsy Country

Day 3: "HOME"


As you probably know, I grew up in Brazil. For the most part, that felt like home. Except being that my parents are American and I was born in Argentina, somehow I didn’t feel 100% “Brazilian” ya know? 🤨

Then moving to the U.S. as an adult was a HUGE adjustment for me! White Christmases in North America were definitely cool. Like BRRRR cool tho...☃️!!

Actually, winters are pretty. Snow was magical… until I totaled my car. Then I was done with that s#it.

Anyhoo, if you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced so many changes throughout your life that sometimes it feels like you’ve lived several lifetimes.

Especially if you’re a gypsy soul - a traveler or have lived in many places throughout your life.

Even though you thrive for new adventures, new places and new faces, every once in awhile you just want to kick back and enjoy the familiar comfort of home.

..but...umm...where is that exactly?

For the gypsy, “home” can be very subjective.

Can you relate?

Then this song is for you. Hope you like it.

It's from my latest album below.

☝️ Here's your third free download… 

Eden :)

PS: time to hit "reply" on that email and tell me something about YOU! In what ways do you consider yourself a country gypsy? I'd love to hear... or simply get your feedback 😊