🍁Fall-ing Into A New Chapter🍁

🍁Fall-ing Into A New Chapter🍁

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I announced my “last performance of 2018”!

And I’ve been asked a lot why am I’m “not doing music anymore” - so figured a “note” to clarify was in order!

First of all, I have NOT stopped “doing music”. If anything, much to the contrary. But I can totally understand where a lack of tour dates on my website and posting pictures of my shows could make it appear that way…

So allow me to share a little “behind the scenes”…


So excited to announce the launch of Gypsy Country!

👉https://my.sweet.io/edenmoody 👈

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See you inside Gypsy Country!

~ Eden :)

"Angel From Montgomery"

Definitely a bold move attempting to follow Bonnie Raitt in this timeless soul searching John Prine tune but I hope you like it and that my version does it justice.

Let me know your feelings in the comments...! 

XO, Eden :)

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Eden Moody - Are you hesitant for a midlife change? Overcoming the fear of change

April 1, 2018 - by Edward Schooley, Country Music Vibe

CMV: Needless, to say the topic for discussion is quite applicable for the time period that we live in. Many people are demanding change on policy, procedure and practice. However, they become resistant or even fearful to make changes personal changes. I know that you have had some changes in your life, that were based upon need and desire. Would you like to tell our readers, what it was and what inspired you to take immediate action?... [CONTINUE READING]

☀️Out Of Hibernation!☀️

☀️Out Of Hibernation!☀️


Well it’s spring time around here and for me that means time to come out of hibernation! 

Yep that’s right, I like to hibernate during the cold months around here… but that doesn’t mean I don’t get shit done. Actually MOST of my really hard work is done during that time and then during the spring and summer I get to be on-stage and perform and hang with friends and all that fun stuff that’s coming, WOOHOO! 🙌🙌🙌

So in case you’re wondering like some of you have written in asking “where’ve you BEEN?!?!?”, with many big projects finally out of the way, I’ve decided it’s about time I give you some big news…

"People Get Ready"

What can I say - a good song is a good song.

SO many of the greats have covered this one and now I have too 😉

Hope you like it! ~ Eden :)

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Ladies & Gentlemen...


Mike Johnstone

Drums / Percussion


It all started in a bar...

Chatting with the bartender, Eden discovered he played percussion - just what she was looking for! Never mind that he was actually a heavy metal drummer, she asked if he'd be willing to join her for a performance she had the very next day.

"I was so happy when he actually showed up!" says Eden. After 5 minutes of "backstage" parking lot rehearsal, Eden knew she'd found a "keeper".

That 5 minute rehearsal has carried Eden & Mike through nearly 5 years of performing together whenever the opportunity allows. Eden says: "Mike's style of percussion playing has greatly influenced my sound today."

(More on Mike coming soon...)


Ladies & Gentlemen....




Violin / Mandolin / Guitars

It all started around 1970 when my sister got a guitar.  I used to steal it from her room and try and play it.  It wasn’t until a rodeo accident in 1984 laid me up for ten months.  While recovering, I found that old guitar right where I left it, in my sister’s closet. That 8 month period was the true start of my learning how to play the guitar. That old guitar came to college with me, and it was there that I began to develop a love of playing music.
The fiddle came into view around 1988 when I was raft guiding down in North Caroline. I remember driving up into “the hills”, deep in heart of Appalachia to listen to the locals jam.  There was this old tobacco farmer who played the fiddle – stereotypical deep south local, overalls, tobacco-stained fingers and all. His fiddle playing just memorized me. This is where I gained an appreciation for the power of music to connect people.
Fast forward to 2007 when I was running sound for the Cashmere Community Coffee House bluegrass shows. A pretty girl walked up to me and said; “I hear you play the fiddle, do you want to play in my band?” It doesn’t get much better than that.

When not performing with Eden, or adventuring on his motorcycle or mountain bike... or galavanting the earth for the love of good backcountry skiing, John can be found in just about every bluegrass circle or band in or out of the area. O! And true to his name, he is the weather man at Stevens Pass Ski & Snowboard Resort.


Ladies & Gentlemen...


Aaron Gibbs

Drums / Percussion

Being that music was always in my family and my father was in a band that got to open for the Grateful Dead, naturally my parents wanted to also give me the gift of music.
My mother enrolled me in piano lessons when I was eight. Eventually the instructor asked my mother why she kept on paying for lessons when I never showed up. Needless to say, I was followed to my next lesson and my mom found out that I had been sitting outside of the drum instructors room instead... (why didn’t you just let me start playing drums back then, mom?)

Still no drums allowed, a few years later Aaron was introduced to musical theatre. With little to no fear of being on stage in front of people, he quickly became passionate about that and began singing Opera, securing lead roles in plays at the Washington Performing Arts Center & Dinner Theater in Seattle.

It wasn’t until 7th grade, after rebelliously blowing one too many sour notes on the trumpet in band class that Aaron’s parents finally realized they could no longer fight his passion for drums. One year later Aaron was playing in an 8th grade talent show with his best friend Jeff on bass, performing Kiss’ “I want to Rock and Roll all Night and Party Everyday” - Ode to his future personality.

After high school Aaron was awarded a full ride vocal scholarship to the Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, but marching to the beat of his own drum, decided to instead adventure to Alaska and work dangerous jobs aboard commercial fishing boats.

Eventually Aaron made his way back to the stage playing in and touring the Northwest with several Seattle bands, even opening for Dave Matthews and Tom Petty and playing several nightclubs consistently in the Seattle area before settling down to care for his family.

After a long hiatus, Aaron has reconnected with his passion playing in several groups in his area.

When offstage, he can be found making and selling fine craft beers for the Doghaus Brewery and entertaining visitors in the tasting room. He also enjoys all the outdoor activities that his city, Leavenworth, Washington, has to offer and spending time adventuring with his now teenage kids.


"Sweet Child O' Mine" Guns N' Roses Cover

Hey how's your week going? Mine's been craaaaazy...

Let's just say this video was a fun break from painting walls 😂

Later! ~ Eden :)

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"Road Less Traveled" Lauren Alaina Cover

I was SO inspired by this song, I couldn't NOT learn it. The chorus is my new anthem 😀

Happy Monday!! Have a beautiful week ❤️

Cheers! ~ Eden :)

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"Lucky Me" Tegan Marie Cover

In case you missed me, I decided to send you some warm, sunny, feel-good vibes from Brazil...🏖️☀️
Enjoy the parakeets on back-up vocals!

xoxo! ~ Eden :)

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Eden Moody defines her voice in the Lake Chelan Valley

Jan 9, 2017 - by Jillian Foster, Go Lake Chelan

Locals of the Lake Chelan Valley will soon be enjoying the Gypsy Country sound of Eden Moody from the comfort of their own home. Moody’s albums have been available through her website and streaming services, but soon she will be performing live for fans in their living rooms...[CONTINUE READING]

Singing and strumming stories from the heart

June 2, 2016 - by Susan Lagsdin, The Good Life

Eden Moody doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve, she writes it, plays it, sings it, tells the whole story.

Her lyrics are intensely personal and universal at the same time. “I only write when I can’t get an idea out of my head,” says the Wenatchee musician. “I don’t write to change the world or even ‘work through something.’ I write in retrospect, to gain perspective on my experience.”

That personal point of view and a fine, clear voice she says people have called honest, healing and relatable have attracted an appreciative circle of listeners in the area who’ve been touched by her lyrics and her musicality...[CONTINUE READING]

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Taking a chance: Local singer auditions for ‘The Voice’

Jan 27, 2016 - by Kelli Scott, The Wenatchee World

Reality singing competitions can seem a bit like magic. We, the viewers, watch as regular people from towns and cities across the country shoot from relative obscurity to national fame and the potential for lasting music careers in just months. And as we watch, we wonder, what’s it like to be that person right now? What must it feel like to sing your heart out with so much on the line?

Local singer-songwriter Eden Moody knows all about that feeling...[CONTINUE READING]

Online: https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2015/mar/05/taking-a-chance-local-singer-auditions-for-the-voice-2/


Moody finds ‘Home’ in Wenatchee

Jan 22, 2015 - by Kelli Scott, The Wenatchee World

East Wenatchee singer/songwriter Eden Moody will release her long-awaited debut EP this week, a five-song album on which Moody sings her heart out about love, sacrifice and coming home.

The short, self-titled album is not exactly what Moody set out to create when she began a Kickstarter fundraising campaign in 2013. That campaign easily raised the $10,000 Moody’s producer had quoted her to record and release a full-length album. But a series of delays on the producer’s end of the…[CONTINUE READING]

Eden Moody makes music her mission

May 28, 2013 - by Michelle Naranjo, The Wenatchee World

Brazilian native Eden Moody never thought she would end up as a musician in Wenatchee. For the last seven years, Moody has made a name for herself by performing at community and sporting events and playing at a number of live music venues. Most Wednesdays, you can find her hosting the open mic night at Devils Gulch Drinkery in Cashmere... [CONTINUE READING]